Lupo Pensuite Provides 200 Important Software for your USB Drive

Working on multiple computers can be difficult at times. You have all your software applications, browser extensions and files on your PC and suddenly you face a situation where you have no other option but to work on a shared computer. The worst part is that you may not have admnistrative priviledges and thus can’t install software in the shared system.

In such situations, I rely on Portable Apps and Lupo Pensuite Рtwo awesome portable application packages which help you get the job done. After loading a portable suite on your USB stick, you have a browser, word processor, PDF viewer, media players, image editor and possibly every piece of software installed and ready to use from the removable drive.

Download Lupo Pensuite

Installation of Lupo PenSuite

Installing the program is easy because you only need to double click the exceutable and choose a location for the files to get extracted. You can install the suite on a local folder and copy all the contents of the folder into a USB drive. Double click the Lupo Pensuite icon and you will see the following interface:


Features of Lupo Pensuite

Lupo Pensuite comes in two packages – Full and Lite. I installed the full version to try out all the features of Lupo Pensuite.

Browser: The most important program anyone needs is a browser. Lupo Pensuite offers the portable version of Firefox 3.6 and Opera 10. Install the suite and you are all set to enjoy the Firefox extensions that you use on a daily basis.

Email client: Lupo Pensuite uses Thunderbird as a default email client and you can also choose Pop Peeper as an email notifier.

Instant Messaging: Wow! Pidgin, Meebo and PixaMsn. Did I said it all?

P2P, FTP: Portable torrent clients such as utorrent and Emule are provided so you can download all the torrents easily. Filezilla portable is included in the suite for all your FTP jobs.

Media Players: VLC media player and Smplayer are the default mediaplayer application in Lupo Pensuite.

Image Editor: Irfan view, GIMP to name a few.

Screen Capture: Pickpick and Faststone capture.

These are only a few tools included in the full suite. You can read about the entire list here.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Lupo PenSuite contains all the important programs you use everyday. I prefer this suite over Portable apps because it has so many options and features to choose from. You can install or remove specific programs and there are no drawbacks found.

Techie Buzz rating: 5/5 (perfect).

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