Left 4 Dead 2 Mac Version to be Cross-Platform Compatible with PC Version

Some more good news today from Gamespy coming as part of Valve’s announcement to bring distribution platform Steam to Apple’s OS X with reports from the Left 4 Dead blog regarding cross-platform compatibility for the Mac and PC versions of the game. This means that Mac and PC players of both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 will be able to play cooperatively together. The post also talks about how Mac versions of titles will not run under emulation and will be written in native Mac code This is obviously great news for Mac gamers and the future of gaming on OS X. Here’s a short snippet from the post on the Left 4 Dead blog:

Steam on the Mac will behave just like Steam for Windows, but through Steam Play will add cross-platform ownership. That means if you own Left 4 Dead 2 for Windows, then you already own it for the Mac. There’s no need to buy it twice! Unless you want to buy it twice, in which case, as long as you’re feeling so generous, why not buy it five times?

Plus, Mac and Windows players can go head-to-head, since both Left 4 Deads are cross-platform compatible. Mac owners can even host their own servers and create their own maps, just like Windows users.

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