Kodak Slice review

Kodak’s produced some really innovative products recently, including the Playsport: a pocketcam with a waterproof body and now the Slice, both of which features in the T3 Hot 100.  Available in black, pink or our smooth, nickel-finished body, with an internal 5x optical zoom Schneider-Kreuznach lens, the Slice is the most stylish Kodak camera we’ve seen.


Controls are minimal, so there’s just a combined power, shutter and zoom control on the top plate. Be warned the zoom is tiny and so stiff it leaves a dent in your finger.


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Kodak Slice: Social issues


Surprisingly for a digital camera there’s a whopping 2GB storage, alongside a MicroSD slot, instead of the conventional SD. The reason it’s so generous is that the Slice has been designed for those who like to show pics to everyone they meet.


Further reflecting this, the Slice is purpose-built for sharing pics online. Install the Kodak Web app on a PC or Mac, when you’ve taken a picture, select whether to upload to Flickr, Kodak Gallery or Facebook or to send via email. Next time you connect to a PC or Mac, hit the Share button to upload pictures. That’s it. With all the resizing done automatically it’s hassle free and easy.


As well as being stored full-size for saving and printing, up to 5,000 photos are resized automatically and stored in the on-board Slice Album. For easy searching you can apply place and keyword tags to photos, and store tags for 20 faces, though it doesn’t always manage to recognise them quite as much as we’d like.


Kodak Slice: Other features

As a Web 2.0 device and visual archive the Slice is great, if over-priced. As a pure camera it’s not so hot.
Starting in under two seconds, its settings are all accessed via the 3.5-inch (230,000) touchscreen; often requiring several jabs, it’s a bit sluggish.


The Slice’s maximum resolution is 14MP, which creates 22x16inch prints – far bigger than the 6x3inches most people use for printing, so you can easily drop it down. The flash has an average range of 2.6m, which is fine for illuminating a small room.

Kodak Slice: Image quality


The Slice works adequately as a point-and-shoot camera with an auto mode, 14 scene modes and face detection. Results are average rather than outstanding: at maximum zoom detail is soft, wide-angle results lack detail, though the 10cm macro mode produces sharp results and colours are bold. It’s good to see a 720p 30fps HD movie mode, although it lacks the detail of rivals.


If you can live with that you might fall for this snapper’s sheer style and convenience, but we’d hesitate to recommend it whole-heartedly at this price.


Link: Kodak

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