iPhone Final Fantasy I and II Released, Square Enix Launches App Sale to Celebrate!

The day all Final Fantasy iPhone/iPod touch fans have been waiting for has finally come with the arrival of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II in the iTunes App Store! The games can now be downloaded from the App Store for €6.99/£5.49.

FF and FFII were originally released for the NES in Japan back in 1987 and 1988 respectively, and the new, updated iPhone versions feature graphics, sounds and controls that utilise the capabilities of the new host systems. Control systems for both games have been specifically developed for the iPhone and iPod touch interfaces, with the aim of making the touch-screen controls as intuitive as possible. Both games also feature extra dungeons that were not available in the original versions, enabling players to continue playing even after they’ve finished the main storyline.

To celebrate the release of the games, Square Enix is discounting the following five apps, but you’ll have to be quick as the offer only lasts from now until March 3rd:

Crystal Defenders
Usually €5.99, now €4.99

Vanguard Storm
Usually €3.99, now €2.99

Sliding Heroes
Usually €2.39, now €0.79

Hills and Rivers Remain

Usually €5.49, now €3.99

Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes – Encore
Usually €7.99, now €5.99


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