iPhone 4 biggers than 3GS?

The new generation of Apple’s iPhone may be larger than the 3GS according to the latest tease from the Apple rumour mill.


iPhone repair site, iResQ, has posted photos of what it believes is the case for the new model and it’s a quarter inch taller than the current 3GS.


If the pictures prove genuine this would be the first time Apple has moved from the standard iPhone template since it launched its phone in 2007.


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It would also disappoint those, like our ed, hoping to see a smaller version of the iconic mobile.


The pictures also show a new front panel that appears to have a mirrored surface above the earpiece slot. iResQ suggest it may be a proxmity sensor although this seems unlikely as it such a sensor would usually be invisible.


The repair site is at pains to point out this might not be the final version of the iPhone 4GS case – in other words, treat this pics with huge dollop of caution.


Picture credit: iResQ

Link: MacRumors




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