iPad pushes Apple’s global computing market share

Apple has become the world’s third largest provider of mobile computing devices following the launch of the iPad, new figures from analyst firm DisplaySearch have revealed.


Figures compiled for a Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report have show that Apple controlled 12.4 per cent of the global mobile shipments in the third quarter of this year exceeded only by HP and Acer which were responsible for 17.3 per cent and 16.5 per cent of the market respectively.


Sales of the iPad, or the “iPad effect” as DisplaySearch has dubbed it, is reportedly the cause of Apple’s rise onto the podium, bolstering the popularity of the Apple mobile computing brand, formerly solely reliant on the company’s range of MacBooks. With America having the highest iPad adoption rate of any nation, sales of the market leading tablet stateside have pushed Apple to the US’s number one mobile computing provider.


Despite the company’s global and US success, Director of IT Market Research at DisplaySearch, Hidetoshi Himuro, said: “On a global scale, the adoption of iPad is not without its challenges. Localized content in non-English speaking regions is sparse, and iPad owners must have a PC for downloading content from iTunes. As a result, penetration in developing regions will be slow.”


With the iPad atop many Christmas wish lists this festive period, it is expected that Apple’s mobile computing market share will rise further still in the year’s final quarter. Have you already nabbed yourself an iPad? Share your thoughts on the Apple tablet with us via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Posted by Luke Johnson

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