Internet Explorer 8 Now Officially Becomes the Most Used Browser Worldwide


Sorry IE haters if the news hurt you. And also sorry to those who think IE is dead because it’s not, far from it. Not only is IE still dominating the browser market, its latest version 8.0 which only launched less than a year ago ate 22.37% of market share and clinched the top spot worldwidely. Despite the fact that it takes full advantage of being part of the whole Microsoft product line, it’s still a heck of achievement from IE team in Microsoft. So congratulations to them.

I could go on further with the topic but I am going to stop here to avoid starting another pointless browser war.

I do have one expectation for IE though. I have chosen Firefox over IE as my default browser for a few years. So far, even though IE 8 has impressed me a bit but it’s far from a version that is good enough to pull me back to the IE zone. You are not going to loose me but may well to many others. And I do agree what the commenter Albert says on here:

This is good news. But, you guys really need to step it up. I use IE8 every day, it’s the only browser I support. But, when none of my friends no longer listen to me and stay on IE, it makes it real tough to give reasons to switch back. I need an IE that will make them come back, or else this whole new generation of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari users will grow up and never think back.

Keep up the good work and give us an awesome IE 9 please.

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