Installing a custom ROM on the HTC Desire S [HD] Step-by-step tutorial

Hello lovely people, I hope you’re all well. If you followed my video a few days back you should have successfully rooted your HTC Desire S. So what now? Well you’ll probably want to install a custom ROM on the phone. What you will need: 1 HTC Desire S phone 1 Cup of coffee Step 1: Install ROM Manager from the Android Market Step 2: Load ROM Manager and click the top link to flash the ClockworkMod Recovery tool. Just make sure you have the latest version installed. Step 3: Click on Download ROM from with ROM Manager and find a ROM that you want to install. I chose the Saga LBC Mod ROM which had some good reviews. Select the version you wish to download v0.5.3 is the one I installed in the video. Select to download the ROM without the keyboard arrows. Step 4: Once the ROM has downloaded it will ask you 3 questions. Tick all 3 boxes to be safe and then press OK. Your phone will now reboot and start the ROM installation process Step 5: Start drinking your coffee Step 6: After about 10 minutes the new ROM should have been installed and booted up. All done! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be up and running in no time! Any questions can be asked below in the comments or on the website:

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