How To Use TaskKill to Kill All Hung or Not-Responding Programs At Once in Windows 7

It’s quite cumbersome if you have a number of programs hung at the same time in your Windows and you want to kill them all so that you can use your computer normally again. I bet you would be just like me if things like this happened, simply reboot your computer, instead of killing them one by one from Task Manage. Now, here is a nice useful trick that uses TaskKill, a Dos-based command existed since Windows XP, to kill all hung programs at once.

taskkill /f /fi "status eq not responding"

It smartly uses the built in filter /fi that identifies and collects all processes that matches the status "Not Responding" and forcefully terminates them with /f switch.

Even better, you can copy the command line into a plain text file and save it as a batch (.bat) file on your desktop so that when needed you kill all stuck programs by just a simple double-click on the file.


To learn what more this nifty tool can do, just type taskkill /? in dos prompt window to find out. Comparing to PSKill, another quite popular process killing utility which I use all the time, taskkill seems a bit more flexible because of its filter options that provides more ways to find out the processes that need to be terminated.

Last, credit goes to addictivetips for sharing this awesome tip.

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