How To Root The Samsung Moment & Install Custom Rom

Radioactive FroYo v2.0pre3 – SPH-M900_MR4_DJ07_REL.tar – For all updates related to YouTube, please follow me on Twitter! (Just so you know; those links **to the downloads, in the sdx threads mentioned above**, are broken! I DO have mirrors below, and they are still good as of 05/28/12!) Some people are having trouble and getting an error, so here is a patch for that. – SDX Samsung Updater Patch.exe And let me start out by apologizing about the background of this video. My Dad came over to visit his granddaughter and we were planning the trip to go to the Chattanooga Aquarium and things were crazy. My daughter hadn’t seen her grandpa in a year and that’s a long time when your THREE. He wanted to use his phone as a FREE MOBILE HOTSPOT to his laptop. And for disclaimer purposes, the Moment (any samsung phone really) is NO LONGER SUPPORTED and will never be updated OFFICIALLY past Android 2.1 Eclair. So the phone does NOT even support being used as a Hotspot in the first place (With OFFICIAL Android 2.1)! So you are not doing anything wrong by rooting your phone and using it as a Free mobile hotspot with Wifi Tether For Root Users. (Oh, and 3.0 pre14 works great!) I do have a video on how to install Android 2.2.2 on the Moment (ported from the Samsung Transform) and I will edit that in a few days. This video is walking you through how to Root, Install a Custom Rom, and get wifi Tether to work. Ok, download these 3 files

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