How To Root and Overclock the Motorola Milestone (Android 2.1 only)

Update (16-03-2011): Guys, I have since moved away from this method as I needed a full root method in order to install custom rom. Please check out this link on how to root and break the locked bootloader and install a modified UK FROYO ROM by GOT that will free your bootloader and later allow you to install Custom ROM and Overclock via this link: Update: When I made this video, the version of Milestone Overclock couldn’t auto load on start up. As of the current version, you can now auto load Milestone Overclock upon start up of your phone. I have also found the sweet spot custom settings which works very well for my Milestone. I set the frequency to 900MHz and the Vsel to 56 In this video, I will show you how easy it is to root and overclock the Motorola Milestone (running Android 2.1) using 2 apps. To root the Motorola Milestone, I used the simple one-click rooting app called Universal Androot. For overclocking the Motorola Milestone, I used an app called Milestone Overclock. I have also changed my stock Android UI by using LauncherPro by Federico Carnales, which you can find via the Android Market. It has both free and paid versions.

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