How To Find Out Windows 7 Homegroup Password and How to Change the Default Password

Homegroup is a new feature in Windows 7. Only I personally don’t really think its new at all, it just another way to map your local network, and this time they add an additional password for remember the mapped drive for future access.

What homegroup does basically is allow you to share folders within a “home” network to other computers that’s also in the same network. As long as they are both on the same network you can make your files share between each other.

The only new thing “Homegroup” is different from mapping shared network drivers is that it contains a password to join the homegroup, (ie its more like join a domain, a group of network computer where you need password access to do so) you also got options to leave homegroup etc.

By default, you will be prompt a homegroup password when you finish a clean install of Windows 7. That said if you are using Windows 7 Starter or Home Basic on some OEM netbooks you will not be able to create a homegroup network, hence you no password will show when you first time use the homegroup feature. However, that Starter and Home Basic can still join homegroup to share and access files between other PCs.

So what if you forgot the password when you first install the Windows 7 ?

No worries, you can still retrieve the password by going to

Control Panel > Network and Internet > HomeGroup


On the bottom of the section, you will see “View or print the homegroup password” also if the default generated password aren’t easy to remember you can also change the password to your own.


If you wish you change the password just click “Change the password …”

You will be asked and prompt to change the password


Click “Change the password”


Here you can either type your own password or re-generate a system generated password.

Lastly, remember in order to make HomeGroup to work you need at least two or more computers that are connected in the same network. Once you got the password, type the password in another computer and you will see a listed users that are currently in your HomeGroup. Depending on the settings you set to share which folder you can now easily access files between others.


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