How to build a computer (part 4 of 9)

This is how you build a computer. Since my previous computer died (the motherboard or processor died causing POST to not occur (the beep you hear upon starting your computer)), I had to replace it and upon getting my replacement parts, I figured I’d record videos on how to put together a computer. This video leaves out the part about buying components and compatibility checking out – it, instead, focuses toward installing the components, pretty much from scratch. The video uses 28 segments and involves the parts before the more familiar kind – hooking up parts to the back of the computer (the mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers, etc.) since this is more familiar to the general public. This video covers the part before this (minus the factory) – hooking up the motherboard, video card, electrical, and all this other stuff that you’d otherwise not see. It also covers various problems I’ve encountered while building it. This video spans a total of about 74.2 minutes and is split into 9 segments. The first segment is the introduction to my new parts and can be skipped. The other 8 after this, however, involve the entire building process, from nothing to a working computer. Unlike off-the-shelf computers where you’d just pop in the recovery CD and run it, you can’t do that with a custom-built computer. In general, the order to install the components is as follows (there can be some variation – take the easiest approach (so you don’t have to fight (struggle with) anything

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