Hacking Anothers Computer Using IP Address

The first thing you needed to specify is whether the IP address obtained by you is in your LAN?

If its in your LAN,then follow these steps:

1) Run cmd(commandprompt)

2) Type nbtstat -A

For example,if you have found the IP address available and with open ports,then type:
nbtstat -A
If you get the hex code <20> beside the name of the victim’s computer, then it means that the victim’s computer has sharing enabled(Its a good sign!)

3) Now if you get that hex code <20> then type:

net use z: \\\SharedDocs

It shows ‘The command completed successfully

4) Now open My computer,there you will find the drive Z,open it,its the shared documents folder of the victim.

5) Now if you want to access the drives of that system,then run cmd,then type:
net use y: \\\C$ “” /u:””

Now it will prompt for you to give the username and password of that system…The username will be shown on the drive Z as ‘SharedDocs on xxxxxx(

6) Try guessing the password or Bruteforce it. After getting the password,type it and you will get the access to your target computer.

7) If the message ‘Access is denied‘ appears,then it means you have to evade his firewall..,use Firekill Firewall Killer2000

8)After doing this,repeat the step 5 and give the username and password and it will surely show
The command completed successfully.

9) Thats it…you will be in the root of the victim’s com.

(Plz note: Do this act only to prevent hacking, not to implement it.)

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