Hackers Cracked Office 2010 RC to Bypass Activation without Product Key

Microsoft Office 2010 RTM
Microsoft Office 2010 RC build 14.0.4740.1000 is available for download and testing to few invited Microsoft connect users. These users also got retail product key to activate Office 2010 RC. Usually every Microsoft product under beta testing gets leaked out in wild on torrents and warez websites. Office 2010 RC is also leaked on torrents and widely available for download.

Users may download this leaked Office 2010 RC Retail edition but can’t activate unless you have retail product key. However this time hackers are one step ahead of Microsoft, they have already managed to the bypass & crack activation of Office 2010 RC.

Only Microsoft Office 2010 Retail edition requires product key for activation but Office 2010 RC volume license key edition can be installed without product key. The volume licensing (VLK) edition of Office 2010 RC has also made its way on various torrent and warez websites.

Hackers have put together a crack which involves using files from an activated version of Office 2010 Beta in order to bypass the activation process of Office 2010 RC. Interestingly crack, the illegal bypass method works by simply swapping two files (tokens.dat and pkeyconfig-office.xrm-ms) which sounds quite easy to do.

Another method to bypass Office 2010 RC activation involves running one script named “ActivateOffice2010beta.7z” made by one of hacker SoLoR and executing series of complicated steps.

As of now we have seen multiple forums and websites listing complete steps to bypass Office 2010 activation and Office 2010 crack is also made available for download.

The Microsoft Office 2010 activation crack is likely able to crack and activate Office 2010 RTM build. As the method has been revealed, it’s likely that Microsoft will fix the loophole before releasing the final RTM version of Office 2010. But who knows hackers may be getting ready with some other crack or activation bypass method for Office 2010.

We definitely want you to stay away from such piracy and illegal activities, always buy genuine Microsoft products and enjoy pleasure of having original stuff.

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