Gigabyte Solves iPad Charging Issue

Dropped Wi-Fi signals isn’t the only thing early iPad adopters have had to contend with. Trying to charge the tablet has a caused a few headaches as well, at least for those entrenched in the PC camp. The problem, says Apple, is that some USB 2.0 ports and accessories don’t provide enough juice for charge the iPad. And in some cases, the iPad will charge, but only when it’s in turned off or in Sleep mode. 

If you happen to own a recent Gigabyte motherboard, however, you’re in luck. The mobo maker announced this week that it has come up with a driver update that solves the problem.

"Gigabyte’s unique USB power design is able to deliver extra power for devices that require more than the 500mA delivered from a traditional USB port. With a simple On/Off Charge driver update which can be found on the Gigabyte website, Gigabyte motherboard users are able to take full advantage of USB charging of their iPad, giving them more options and convenience when recharging their new device," Gigabyte said.

The driver works with a whole bunch of Gigabyte boards, including those for the Intel X58, P55, H57, H55, and AMD 800 chipsets.

Driver Download

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