GEICO Embraces Windows Phone 7 Smartphones and Rolls Out New “GEICO GloveBox” App

The Windows Phone 7 smartphone – so easy, even a caveman can…well, you know.

Nationwide auto insurer GEICO has agreed to support Windows Phone 7 as a corporate smartphone for its 24,000 employees so they can make calls, send e-mail, set up business appointments, attend meetings and keep track of vital corporate data all on the go.

GEICO also announced the launch of a new Windows Phone 7 app called GEICO GloveBox that enables customers to pay bills, access insurance policy information and even call for help when they get stuck in sticky situations on the road.

Below is a breakdown of the brand new app’s marquee features:

Bill Pay and Insurance ID Cards. Users can pay their GEICO auto insurance bill and access current insurance ID cards from their phone.

• Accident Helper. Accident Helper puts customers in contact with emergency services, provides a place to organize photos and has other helpful features in case of an accident.

• Roadside Service. The locator feature allows mobile users to find nearby tow services and gas stations. The feature works through the phone’s GPS or when a location is entered manually.

• Taxi and Rental Car service. The locator feature can also help find a ride from just about anywhere.

• Auto How To’s. The GloveBox app features step-by-step instructions to help jump start a vehicle, change a flat tire or check tire pressure.

• Contact GEICO. The app also provides GEICO phone numbers for any situation.

• Videos. GloveBox provides a range of entertainment to pass the time while waiting for any of the above services. Users can check out the real story behind the Gecko and view their favorite GEICO commercials.

• Social Media. Users also get the ability to view GEICO’s social media pages like the Gecko and Caveman Facebook and Twitter pages.

For further details on GEICO’s plans to connect with customers via Windows Phone 7 smartphones, check out this video.

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