GamesMaster heading back to TV screens?

After disappearing from view back in 1998, a revamped version of the show that hooked many a child onto the joys of the MegaDrive and SNES could be set for an emotional return.


Future Publishing, the people behind this very site and T3 magazine, also publish GamesMaster magazine, which is just about to get a sleek new redesign, kicking off with the May issue.


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But the news that will really get gamers salivating is that Future is weighing up expanding GamesMaster’s profile, with Associate Publisher Emma Parkinson saying she wants to, “explore the appetite for bringing the show back to TV.”


That could mean we’ll be seeing classic beat ‘em battles back on the box very soon. Will Patrick Moore’s floating bonce be seen once again? Will Dominik Diamond make us gamers feel less socially awkward? Who knows? But the thought of it is enough to make us want to break out our SNES in celebration.


Link: CVG

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