First Modern Warfare 2 DLC released this month

Five months after the release of Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward have announced that the first downloadable content pack for the game will be released for Xbox 360 on March 30th.


The announcement was made via a spoof-site created by Infinity Ward advertising a cure for "mapathy" – a fictitious condition whose symptoms include "a state of indifference to the same old maps one has been playing for the last several months". This seems to suggest that the DLC will be at least partially comprised of a new multiplayer map pack.



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No specific details on the content of the DLC have been released yet, although Infinity Ward Community Manager Robert Bowling has previously alluded to the possibility of more two-player cooperative missions being included in future DLC packs.


After Modern Warfare 2’s record breaking launch, in which it pulled in $310 million on the first day of release in the UK and US alone, the DLC is set to smash download records when it goes on sale to the game’s 25 million online players.


The first DLC will be an Xbox timed exclusive, with releases on PlayStation 3 and PC following at a later, unconfirmed date.


Link: Mapathy



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