Firefox Mobile browser ‘Fennec’ showed on Android

Android handsets like the Google Nexus One and Motorola Droid (Milestone) moved a step closer to the web-browsing promise land this weekend, when the Firefox Mobile browser known as ‘Fennec’ was showcased on the devices.


The mobile incarnation of Mozilla’s super-popular browser is only currently available on Nokia’s Maemo OS (limiting it only to Nokia N900 users), but these teaser pictures, posted on Mozilla’s facebook page, offer a taste for Android users eager to replicate the Firefox experience on their smartphones.


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Google’s decision to launch the Android SDK is believed to be a considerable factor in the development of the browser, with Mozilla chiefs also believing any iPhone version would be blocked by the App Store. No release date has yet been confirmed for Firefox Mobile Fennec on Android devices.


A Fennec (pronounced Fe-nik) is a small and pale fox, wth large ears, that inhabits the deserts of Africa. Mozilla’s logo for the browser shows the fox’s head and ears on the traditional Firefox globe.


Link: Mozilla (via BGR)

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