Facebook tells devs: make killer game for us

Facebook’s Gareth Davis has told the world’s best developers to get working on “killer” games for the social network.


Speaking at the opening of the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, Davis told the assembled crowds that Facebook was the perfect platform for a new landmark game, with researchers claiming 75 per cent of Facebook’s 400 million users playing social games on the site.


"When we look at every major game platform, we see that there is an iconic defining game on that platform whether it’s Sonic or Mario or Halo,” said Davis.


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"And while there are some great games on Facebook today, no one has yet produced the iconic game. The Facebook Mario is still out there.”


There’s still some question as to what this game could be, with devs at GDC openly questioning whether such a title can be developed for the social network.


The suggestion is it’ll be a strategy game, although some devs reckon the utterly infuriating Farmville has already become the “killer game” of which Davis speaks.


Link: BBC

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