Facebook plans full webmail service to take on Gmail

Facebook is planning to launch a full webmail service, with support for all email clients, that will give its 350 million users their own Facebook email address to use outside of the social networking site.


Project Titan, as it is being called internally, will revolutionise the way users send messages on the social networking site, with each member being given an address, most likely connected to their vanity url.


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The new webmail service will have full POP/IMAP support meaning you’ll be able to configure it with any email client, including Microsoft Outlook, Entourage and Apple’s Mail applications.


Internally at Facebook, it is believed that Project Titan could even take on Gmail thanks to the massive leg-up it already has. With over 350 million users, each with a huge network of contacts, and the vanity urls that are tied to our Facebook accounts, it may well have a case.


There’s no news yet on how far along the plans are, or when we might see them implemented, but this is certainly one to stay tuned to.


Link: Facebook (via TechCrunch)

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