Facebook 1.2 Application Now Available for Windows Mobiles

We all know that iPhone, BlackBerry, and even Android phones get their fair share of third-party applications. But more than, many companies, websites, and services start out developing their applications for these phones specifically (and in the same order too: iPhone, BlackBerry, then Android). Meanwhile the Windows Mobile OS is somewhat by most developers and websites (apart from a few loyal ones, of course, who probably do it because they themselves own Windows Mobile phones).

An example of this is the lack of a proper Facebook client for Windows Mobile phones. Other phones (mentioned above) already had reliable Facebook applications which users enjoyed. There were third-party applications but Microsoft had not worked to develop a robust Facebook client for their own OS. An official Microsoft Facebook application was not available to the public until about the same time last year – this left Windows Mobile way behind in the Facebook cellphone client race.

But once the application was released users were happy about it. And I am sure they will now be even happier as an update to the Microsoft’s official Facebook application for Windows Mobile just got an update (click here for the website).

The site states that the version of this application is 1.2 whereas many users disagree. Personally I do not much mind the version discrepancy as long as the functions are all there and being executed flawlessly.

With this application Windows Mobile users can conveniently do most Facebook tasks including sending messages, shooting pictures and videos from their phone and uploading them to Facebook directly, calling the numbers in the Facebook phonebook, and managing profile details.

Users are particularly happy about an improvement over the previous version; according to this improvement Windows Mobile users can view all the LIKES and comments to certain post and not just the most recent ones.

In conclusion, if you are a Windows Mobile user with an active Facebook account, do not opt for any other application than Microsoft’s official Facebook client for Windows Mobile.

Download Facebook 1.2 For Windows Mobile

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