Catch new Energy Savers Gov Rebates at and The rebates are a cash for appliances type rebate program run by the government.

The rebates concern ENERGY STAR Appliances. And while it make sound like good news, the new you learn today in reading this report will differ based upon one factor – what state you live in.

As profiled previously on LALATE, the cash for Appliances program differs state by state.

“Each state is designing and running its own unique Appliance Rebate Program. DOE is providing funding to all states, five territories, and the District of Columbia to develop and implement these programs.”

“Each state will receive an amount proportionate to its population compared to the total U.S. population, with a floor of no less than $100,000.”

“A state can not begin to offer rebates until its program plan has been approved by DOE. States submitted their plans to DOE on October 15, 2009, and DOE is currently in the process of reviewing these documents.

“Each state will establish its own implementation date and communicate the information to its residents. DOE has posted the dates each state has proposed to launch its program, pending DOE approval.”

Unlike cash for clunkers, cash for appliances is designed on a state by state basis.

“Each state and U.S. territory was allowed to design its own rebate program, and all 56 plans have now been approved by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Learn about those programs and when they are projected to start. (Note: This Web site is the only official DOE-sponsored Web site; be cautious of “fake” Web sites.)
Types of Appliances”

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