Eizo RadiForce E-Series To Conquer Medical Market

Eizo Nanao Corporation, the leading global manufacture of high-end visual display products shelving a wide range of LCD monitor systems, unveiled a new lineup which enhances its Medical Market Business (MMB). Eizo brought in a range of Surgical Monitor Solutions which promise long-term reliability, image quality and the innovative features makes it one of the best choice for financial trading rooms, hospitals, back offices as well as design studios.

Eizo, a japan based firm announced that it will be expanding the line of surgical monitors known as the RadiForce E-Series. The series consist of different sizes ranging from 15” to 24”. The company aims to reach the top position in the medical market business as an all-around medical monitor supplier.

Eizo RadiForce E-Series

The RadiForce G and Radiforce R series are already available to display X-ray, CT and MRI images. Which the launch of the latest lineup, EIZO aims that the RadiForce E-series of surgical monitors can be connected to endoscopic video camera to offer quality video images.

An official press release read:

The RadiForce E-Series supports multiple input signals to allow connections with both legacy and state-of-the-art endoscopic systems without the need of other optional devices or accompanying costs. With loop-through output support, the monitors are also ideally suited for multi-monitor integration or archiving in the operating room.

Color preference best fit for the physician can be adjusted by setting, color, saturation, brightness, contrast, temperature and tones. The RadiForce E-Series features:

1. Picture-in-Picture

2. Picture-and-Picture

3. Picture-over-Picture

via [Eizo RadiForce]

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