DVD Decoder Purchasing Options

After checking out Jason Tsang’s blog I found that the three most prominant
DVD/MPEG2 decoders for WIN XP MCE 2005 are:

1. NVidia Purevideo Decoder
2. Cyberlink PowerDVD
3. Intervideo WinDVD

All of these DVD/MPEG2 decoders work with MCE 2005 as documented on the
Microsoft website. All three are also only available for download ONLY.

After reviewing the three individual websites for the respective products, I
found that NVidia Purevideo Decoder comes in three versions — Bronze
($19.95), Gold ($29.95) and Platinum ($49.95). Cyberlink PowerDVD and
Intervideo WinDVD are both offered with a DVD decoder ($14.95) or DVD decoder
plus MP3 ripper/encoder ($19.95). Therefore, looking at the prices of these
offerings, NVidia Purevideo Decoder is the most expensive ($19.95 – $49.95).
Is this a case of ‘you get what you pay for’ or is it a waste of money
because they all work the same. Is there a difference in picture quality
between the three products? Is there a difference in picture quality between
the three versions of NVidia Purevideo Decoder?

If you have some knowledge about any of this I would appreciate your reply
so that I can educate myself on these products.

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