Drew Brees to Tackle Madden Cover Curse

Growing up, who wouldn’t have wanted to be on the cover of a Madden videogame? Anyone with aspirations of playing in the NFL without suffering serious injury or abrupt retirements, that’s who. Can Drew Brees, who was selected to appear on the cover of Madden 2011, avoid the longstanding curse that has plagued the videogame series for the past 8 years?

Prior to 2002, Madden himself used to appear on the cover. That changed when EA slapped Daunte Culpepper’s mug on the box art, who went on to have an off season throwing more interceptions than he ever had before and finishing below .500 on a Vikings team that began the year with high hopes of winning it all, or at least their division.

But it doesn’t stop there. Former Seattle Seahawk Shaun Alexander would break arm after appearing on the cover, and Vince Young would become injured as well. There have been a handful of others, and most recently, EA put Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzerald on last year’s cover, each of which dealt with health issues during the season.

This year’s cover was decided by a fan vote, the first time EA has ever done so. Games and fans could cast their vote for Drew Brees, Reggie Wayne, or Jared Allen, and it comes as little surprise that Brees emerged as the victor. The question is, will it cost him next season?

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