Determine the Exact Font Size and Style of Text on Webpage

Especially if you are a web designer or website creator, you might have come across a piece of text on a webpage you like which you wanted to replicate for your own site/blog. Without knowing exactly what style and size were used, our only way to replicate the font becomes guessing it. Considering the number of text fonts, guessing a font style and size can be quite a taxing process.

Before yesterday, I knew of no tool which could tell me the exact font style and size of a particular text I see on a webpage. Thankfully now however, I have found a tool which shows us exactly what font style and size is used for a selected piece of text on the currently open webpage.

The tool is called Context Font.

Context Font is a small-sized browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox which sets up quickly and without any hassles.

The developer of the add-on, Heather Arthur, has already built quite a number of add-ons for Firefox which facilitate Firefox users.

Targeted at blog owners, web designers, and site owner, Heather’s latest add-on, Context Font, lets us highlight a selected piece of text on a webpage and then shows us its font style and size. All we have to do is highlight the text and right-click on it.

The font size and style is the last entry in the right-click menu.

Remember that when using this add-on, you should highlight only the text with the same font size and style; this can be determined simply by looking at the text.

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