Contact List Opens in Photo Format

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I rather doubt that your email program is Outlook. Don’t you mean
Windows Mail? If so, read on:
If the toolbar in Contacts doesn’t have its normal icons,
then the folder type for Contacts is incorrect. To fix it:
Open Windows Contacts. Right-click somewhere in that
empty white space to the far right. Select Customize This Folder,
click the little triangle, and from the dropdown list select Contacts,
then click OK.

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

"ErikaG75" <> wrote in message news:3ECBDA4D-3837-46DF-A9C7-…
>I feel like a fool but here goes.
> When using Outlook for regular e-mail and I click on my "Contacts" icon it
> is opening in a folder format that is the same as what I have for "My
> Pictures".
> I guess what I need to do is restore Outlook settings but I’ve been
> unsuccessful in having any affect on how my Contact list opens.
> I didn’t realize this was happening until I went to create an e-mailing
> group and am unable to no matter what I try.
> Can someone help me?

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