client failed to report to WSUS server

davtan wrote:
> There is an error logged in the Client windowupdate.log when the automatic
> update client tries to check the WSUS server for patches.
> Here is the error " WARNING: DownloadFileInternal failed for
> http://XX.XX.XX.XX:8530/selfupdate/ error 0x80190194"
> I did a checked on the IIS Administration Manager on the WSUS server and
> noticed that the Selfupdate virtual directory is missing from IIS under
> the WSUS Administration

>> There was a patch (KB948014 – Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP1)
>> released to WSUS Server on 10 Sept, based on the WSUSSetup.log, this
>> patch
>> actually removed the current WSUS application and install a new WSUS with
>> the latest update/patches.

Uh.. yeah… but it wasn’t released to the WSUS Server on 9/10/2009,
although you might have only recently approved it. WSUS v3 Service Pack 1
was actually released in August, 2008.

This is a well known, but unfortunately undocumented, issue where the
installer fails to recreate the selfupdate v-dir following the upgrade.

>> can anyone advise further how to resolve the issue

1. Create a virtual directory named "selfupdate".
2. Assign the path to C:\Program Files\Update Services\selfupdate
3. Enable anonymous access.

Repeat and rinse on the Default Web Site v-root if it’s also missing from

> and what is the actual cause?

A bug in the WSU3SP1 installer.

btw.. the bug has been fixed in the WSUS3 Service Pack 2 package — which
was released on 8/25/2009.

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