Camera Laugh

Camera Laugh automatically generates caricature-like images from portraits. The result is impressive, funny, laughable and a bit  frivolous.

Now you don’t have to be Photoshop® professional and spend lots of time to make a funny picture out of a group portrait. All necessary transformations are done automatically by Camera Laugh within seconds.

All you need is to take or open a photo with straight, forward looking faces and the rest will be done by the app. Automatically generated images are funny, realistic yet unbelievable, rendered with a high quality.

The most fun comes from touching a single “Remix” button. This generates a new caricature variation from a predefined set of carefully selected effects (smiling wide, giving a wink, etc.)  But be warned – touching “Remix” button may be quite addictive.  Don’t stuck pressing “Remix” for 100th time – take or load a new photo instead, the results may be even funnier.

When you get a you-all-must-see-this result, save the image or upload it to Twitter, Facebook or e-mail it – from within the app.

The app also works with large (10+ faces) group portraits.

We’ve put a lot of time to polish the app, please let us know what you think it – via e-mail, article or by leaving a review in the AppStore.

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