Blacked Out Social Apps, Music Apps, Misc Apps (NEw) for Black Lovers <3 Thes…

Blacked Out Social Apps, Music Apps, Misc Apps
for Black Lovers ♥
These are all signed apks so they install like normal applications except for Google+ and Apollo Music which have instructions in their sections. If you’re using the stock version of any of these signed apps, uninstall them prior to installing ours. FireFox browser might have issues with our links..

Play Store 4.4.22 11/01/13

Play Store 4.4.22 Stock 11/01/13

Hangouts (replaced Talk) 2.0.012 11/06/13

Gmail 4.5.2 06/29/13

Maps 6.14.4 06/04/13 Theme update

Settings 4.0.31 11/08/13

Translate 2.8 09/12/13

YouTube 5.2.27 Update Zip 10/25/13
(This is an update zip that must be flashed in recovery. Uninstall ALL forms of YouTube before flashing this version. It should fix the connection error issue when opening the app if you also use our G+ and other GApps.. )

Google Now 2.8.8 Fix it update 10/27/13
(Flash this zip in recovery to fix issues with Tracking and other issues – Uninstall the stock version from the playstore first!!! We are no longer supporting a signed install method for this app.)

Play Music 5.2.1233L 10/27/13
(flash in recovery)

Google+ 4.2.2 11/07/13

Chrome 30.0.1599.92 11/06/13

Email Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Updated Theme and added notification feature 06/80/13
(This app is in a zip format and needs to be flashed via recovery..)

Google Books 3.0.15 11/06/13
(This is signed so it installs like a normal application. Uninstall the stock version first tho..)

EsFile Explorer 3.05.1 07/23/13

Facebook 3.8 11/06/13

Facebook Messenger 2.7.1 10/27/13

Twitter 4.1.6 08/29/13

LinkedIn 3.1.2 09/11/13

FlipBoard 2.0.7 08/22/13

WhatsApp 2.11.109 11/06/13

Tumblr 09/29/13

Skype 07/03/13

Dolphin Browser 10.0.3 09/11/13

Firefox 22.0 NEW! 07/03/13

Snapchat 3.0.15 10/27/13

Equalizer 3.2.10 NEW! 08/29/13

TeamViewer 8.0.1298 NEW! 09/04/13

eBay 06/25/13

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