BBC to offer mobile coverage of London 2012 Olympics

The BBC is planning to bring coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games to every aspect of the British public’s lives by adding live mobile streaming to its coverage.

With the games now just over two years away, the Beeb has outlined its plans to make full coverage of the event available for mobile phone users to watch on the move.


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High definition television coverage, radio broadcasts, online streaming and potentially 3D footage are all included into the BBC’s broadcasting plan for the games, plans which highlights mobile broadcasting as a primary and achievable goal.

With a budget already being formulated to make this target a reality, industry experts have been advising Roger Mosey, Director of London 2012 for the BBC, that at present signs are good that mobile phone carries would be able to deliver such content.

Mosey said: “Only one in 50 people used mobiles to follow Beijing and it was shown that they didn’t like it much either, there were judders or people couldn’t get access to video. It didn’t catch on for Beijing but it is our big idea for London.”

Despite many UK mobile phone networks already providing pay-mobile television streaming services, there are concerns as to the pressure such extensive coverage would put on the networks in London.

Although securing coverage rights for the London Olympics, the BBC lost out on the 2012 Paralympics to Channel 4 which has yet to unveil whether their coverage plans will utilise mobile technologies.




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