AVG Update Completely Crashes Windows 7 x64 Machines

avg_logoIf you are running AVG Free on a Windows 7 x64 machine, then DO NOT downl0ad and install the latest AVG mandatory update.  Seems the Wednesday night update for AVG 2011 Free Edition is completely crashing and disabling all Windows 7 64-bit systems that installed it.  BSOD all the way!

It doesn’t seem to be a little issue or just your basic run of the mill BSOD (blue screen of death) either.  Once the user installs the latest virus database 271.1.1/3292 (432/3292) update, the system is sent into an infinite crash loop.  Affected systems basically crash and receive a c0000135 error, and fail to boot back up.  The error is only initiated once the user restarts his/her system after the update is installed.

AVG says that they believe the error will only harm Windows 7 64-bit machines, they haven’t heard any reports that 32-bit systems are having the same problem.  They also note that error affects both free and paid versions of AVG.

AVG has been on full damage control and has taken steps to remedy the issue.  They have completely removed the update from their servers and released a detailed guide on their support forums.  There a few different ways to fix the issue, so if you’ve been one of the unlucky ones, make sure you read guide carefully and find the appropriate steps to take.

The guide can be found here at the AVG forum.

[via AVG team blog]

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