Get Slap Happy with the Static Shot

The Setup: tear off the edges of a sweetener packet and dump out the contents. This should leave you with a sheet of thin paper with a crease down the middle. This will be your “target.” Set up your target a foot or so away from your outstretched arm, making sure to keep it as precariously balanced as you’re able (the easier it is to knock over, the better it works).

Next, put on a show of slapping your face and rubbing your cheeks to “build up a charge”, and finally, after rubbing your left cheek with your right hand, keep your hand wide and flat as you swing it in a wide arc from your face, eventually ending up pointing at the target.

I’d you do the move correctly, you will have generated a gust of air that will take a couple of seconds to reach the target. Once you have your timing down, it will appear that you simply point and “fire” your finger gun to knock over the target. It’ll take some practice to get it down, but once you’ve got it, it’s a blast!

Here’s the best part: your friends will want to know how it’s done. Explain that it’s all about the static electricity generated by rubbing and slapping their face. The harder they try, the funnier it gets.

How To Reset Your Samsung Mobile Phone

Resetting the memory has always been a headache for many mobile users. So here we will share how to reset the memory of Samsung Memoir T929. Here are given some simple steps following which you can easily reset your memory of the phone. The steps below will allow you make the personal settings as well as we will be giving you the details to perform master reset for the phone.

The steps to make your own settings are:

1. First of all go to press the Menu available on home screen

2. Then you need to press on settings

3. Then you need to go the Reset settings

4. Then there will be many options available to you, now you need to make your choice which from the available options you want to reset.

 All: This option will make Sound profiles, Display profiles and Phone settings to return to their default values.

 Sound setting: This option will cause only the sound settings to return to its default values

 Display settings: This option will cause only the display settings to return to its default values

 Phone settings: This option will cause only the phone settings to return to its default value

5. Now press the reset button

6. Now you need to enter the password. The default set password is ‘0000’.

7. Then press the confirm

8. Then press the Yes button to reset the mobile handset’s settings to the factory defaults

To perform the Master reset of your phone you need to follow the simple steps mentioned bellow:

1. Perform the first three steps mentioned above

2. Then you need to go to the Master reset option

3. Now enter the password. The default password is ‘0000’

4. Then you need to press the confirm button

5. Then press the Yes button to confirm the resetting of all the handset’s setting to the factory defaults.

LG’s Chocolate Phone To Be Launched Soon

LG has always been a label in making Black Label fashion phones. LG has showed the photos of its new phone called Chocolate on its web site. Although, LG has not mentioned anything about the release of the phone and the web site doest not give any details of the specifications too.

LG’s new BL40 also known as Chocolate has many photos on the LG’s official web site. The photos show that the phone has a glossy look. The phone is a touch screen device with an aspect ratio of 21:9. We will share some of the specification of the phone in coming paragraphs but we will have to wait till the August end to know the complete set of specification of the phone.

LG’s BL40 has a wide 4’’ touch screen with cinema display coming with an aspect ratio of 21:9. The resolution of the display is 800 x 345 pixels. This bizarre but beautiful phone will use S-Class interface as appeared over on a German forum.

The phone will be supporting the 3G technology with 7.2 MBPS HSDPA. The phone will sport Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth too. Only 10.9mm thick, the phone has a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash. The phone has a scratch-resistant glass that will protect your new handset and make it live a long life.

The information about the price, date of release and many more specifications are yet to be disclosed by the company. But it is expected that the phone make a good deal for the fashion loving people. The looks and the features of the phone are very enticing.

Yanko Design – Latest Posts


Posted: 20 Aug 2009 12:09 AM PDT
Grade school taught us the basic shapes…. Triangle, Square and Circle; and those dang shapes haven’t really changed a bit in all these many years. Elegant as they are as individuals, their identities converge as this graceful Braun Geometrical Kettle. Depending from which angle you look at it, you can easily identify a distinct triangle, square or circle, seamlessly merging into each other. Clean lines and simplicity make it a hit in my books.
Designer: Emi Schenkelbach
Braun Geometrical Kettle Design by Emi Schenkelbach

Posted: 20 Aug 2009 12:01 AM PDT
What is this! Only a single bit of wood and a small bit of steel support on the bottom, we’ve got quite a sassy looking little sear here! What designer Scott Jarvie has done is to not only make the single seat cut from wood with almost no waste, but multiple seats can be cut with very little waste from a single large regular sheet of plywood, too!
As you can see from the first picture and a couple others below, the One Cut concept is used primarily on this single regular chair, but below, you can see the idea implemented on several different forms.
It’s a whole potential family!
The seat provides a nice surface to sit, lumbar support, and a rather wild form to look at. Very pretty!
Very ergonomic.
Designer: Scott Jarvie
The One Cut Concept for Seating by Scott Jarvie
One Cut 02
One Cut 03
One Cut 04

Posted: 20 Aug 2009 12:00 AM PDT
The Gaudi Stool gets its name from the architectural influences of the Gothic Designer Antoní
. Like his works, this stool derives its strength from the benefits of beam-grid substructures that support its thin carbon fiber shell. Rapid-prototyping techniques employed in its manufacture ensures that the cost of production stays minimum, thus making it a viable project. Kinda eccentric-style to say the least; I quite like the black carbon finish it gleams with.
The ‘Gaudi-chair’ is currently being developed in cooperation with Dutch research institute TNO.
Designer: Bram Geenen
Gaudi Stool by Bram Geenen

Posted: 19 Aug 2009 08:50 AM PDT
Designers from around the world have been asked to create the perfect (and I’d say wildest) martini glass for Bombay Sapphire. You might recognize a couple of these folks. And check it out: Bombay Sapphire has reached out to you, the design-concious and intelligent readers of Yanko Design to vote for your favorite. You wanted the best, YOU GOT THE BEST.

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Asks Yanko Design Readers to Vote
Have your say and be entered into the draw to win
To celebrate design week in the cocktail capital of the world, the Bombay Sapphire Foundation will be announcing the winner of this year’s global Designer Glass Competition and it wants you to help decide who is awarded this grand prize.
By voting for your favourite glass, you could be one of ten lucky readers chosen to win a copy of ‘A Most Elegant Partnership’, a book by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE that charts the evolution of the martini cocktail and its glass, and a bottle of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin.

Neat, huh? Below are the entrants to this martinitastic design contest with each of their names and respective countries of origin. Be sure to visit the Bombay Sapphire Foundation Designer Glass Competition Website and vote away! -Note, you’ll have to go through a short “be of age” thing at the beginning, but it’s short.
Designer: Various Designers for Bombay Sapphire
Sapphire 01
Sapphire 02
Sapphire 03
Sapphire 04
Sapphire 05
Sapphire 06
Sapphire 07
Sapphire 08
Sapphire 09

Inverse Proportion For Texting

The choice so far in cell phones has been large screens and tiny keypads or tiny screens and large keypads. Finding both large-large on the same device is very rare (like the iPhone) and this may irk some hardcore texting addicts. A plausible solution can be a device that goes on to have a large display when reading a message that transforms to having a large keypad when typing in the text. This is what the Blackhole Phone is all about.

UPDATE: New Pics

I guess motion sensing technology is used to transform the digital screen form big screen to big keys, coz you need to reverse the phone to switch modes.

I reckon the ample keypad is good for pudgy fingers, now only if it were a QWERTY one!

Designer: Seunghan Song