Augmented Reality Comes to Silverlight

The ARToolkit, a library of tools for creating augmented reality applications, has just been ported to Silverlight. The SLARToolkit, as it’s called, is hosted over on Codeplex where it and its source code are available for download. Available features in the SLARToolkit include direct Support for Silverlight’s CaptureSource, multiple marker detection, simple black square markers, real-time performance and more. It also uses the Matrix3DEx library.

While the above feature list may mean something to application developers, what it means for consumers is that we’ll soon start seeing augmented reality applications developed using the Silverlight platform. These apps will be able to take advantage of your computer’s webcam to launch “augmented reality” applications – that is, those that use technologies like computer vision and object recognition, for example.

There are already two sample apps available on Codeplex, one being a 3D game called Balder and the other a sample that uses Silverlight’s 3D projection capabilities. To run these samples, you’ll need a webcam and at least the Silverlight 4 runtime. For more information on this toolkit, check out the documentation.

(via ReadWriteWeb and Channel 9)

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