Asus Eee Pad Coming in July

The tablet wars are going to heat up this summer, and Asus will be right there on the battlefield going up against Apple, HP, and everyone else pushing for a 2010 release. For Asus, July is the month to mark on the calendar, which is when the company will release its Eee Pad tablet, according to company chairman Jerry Shih.

Now that the whole world knows what Apple’s iPad brings to the fight, Asus has been busy equipping its Eee Pad with a few weapons the company hopes will give it a clear advantage. Chief among them is Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chipset, which should open the door to some impressive 3D graphics and gaming.

Asus is also working with Google to weave its Android platform into the Eee Pad. The benefit here is users will have access to an ever-increasing marketplace, which will prove critical in going up against the iPad. The Eee Pad will also include at least one USB port, an integrated webcam, and Adobe Flash support, Shih noted.

No word yet on how much it will cost, but early estimates put the price tag at around $480 to $510 when bundled with telecom carrier services.

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