Asus confirms trio of eBook readers for UK

Asus has confirmed they are to release a range of eReaders by the end of the year including an OLED colour-screened model.

The 5.7-inch DR-570 will incorporate an OLED “high-brightness” colour display, while supporting the use of Flash videos and internet connectivity, all around an impressive 122 hour battery life.


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Another 5.7-inch model will be made available by Asus in the form of the entry level, monochrome-screened DR-750. Completing the series will be a 9-inch eReader, the DR-950, due to host a 768 x 1024 resolution E Ink touchscreen display with 16 shades of grey.

The entire series is expected to come equipped with text-to-speech functionality, a 3.5mm headphone socket, web browsing, handwriting recognition, 3G connectivity and dictionary. Accompanying the built-in storage will be SD memory card compatibility.

While exact release dates and pricing information is yet to be unveiled by Asus, the confirmation of this series of eReaders shows their interest in what is set to be one of the defining gadget markets of 2010.

Link: Asus (Via Register Hardware)

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