Apple Tablet: More Rumors Surfaced

apple tablet

[Image via Appleinsider]

More and more rumors are surfacing about the anticipated iTablet/iPad or iSlate with each passing day. Apple is expected to announce it next week on 27 January, 2010. But in a recent update, according to the sources at Appleinsider, the new tablet will be much familiar in looks to the first generation iPhone.

More and more sources are confirming that the new tablet will strike very close to 1st generation iPhone, it will even sport the same home screen and the buttons found on the 1st generation of former device. If we believe those rumors, the device will have a solid and shining aluminum uni-body construction but will be thinner in aesthetics. The image posted above is a mockup of the device created by a Flickr user, which seems very close to the specs that have surfaced by these rumors.

Similarly, some more features are expected from this current design of iSlate/iTablet :

  • It is said to include the similar input/output connectivity as the current iPhone 3GS, including a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack, a microphone, GPS, 3G connectivity, a 30-pin dock connector and speaker grills.
  • It is also rumored that the device will be compatible with a CDMA network like operated by Verizon Networks in US.
  • Many people are still predicting that the screen size will be close to 10 inches, but we are expecting something bigger. Also at the same time, we are not sure that the device will be priced around $1000, going by the current market of recession.
  • Many tech blogs are boasting of a virtual keyboard that will surely be shipped with this device. Of course it will be ! What else can you expect with a full multi-touch enabled device ?
  • Apple is said to be collaborating with ebooks, newspaper, magazine and TV networks for the content. If a device from such a brand name and with such cool aesthetics goes hit in the market, we bet that a device like Amazon Kindle will be thrown-off from electronic stores. Also Apple is closely working with EA, the lead games production company, to boost the gaming capabilities of the new tablet.

But sadly, none of these features can be confirmed until Apple announces in the mega event on Wednesday, next week. For the latest update on iPad/iTablet/iSlate, keep reading BlogsDNA.

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