Apple Tablet and iPhone OS 4.0 to launch says Fox News

In anticipation of Apple’s now confirmed press conference next week, US news channel Fox News has been informed that the Apple Tablet, iLife 2010 and iPhone 4.0 software upgrade is set to dominate the headlines at the Apple event.


Fox News reporter Clayton Morris claims to have spoken to a source at Apple who confirmed that the January 27th press conference will focus on those three areas of business, none of which significantly includes the iPhone 4G as many had hoped would be.


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Most would probably agree trying to predict Apple’s agenda before Steve Jobs actually takes to the stage is a tall task, but Morris who apparently has a track record of getting his Apple announcements correct, was also one of the first to find out about the latest Apple event.


The guys at PC World make a valid point about the wording used in the press conference invite which suggests that Apple will reveal its ‘latest creation’. The arrival of the hotly-anticipated tablet device would appear to fit that description quite well, but we have been surprised by Apple before. 


It looks like we’ll have to wait with everyone else to find out, but if Morris is spot on with this latest Apple prediction, we might have to hanker over a new iPhone a little while longer.


Link: PC World



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