Apple iTunes streaming service to launch in spring?

In a rare break from the current run of Apple tablet-based rumour we bring you the refreshing news that a new music streaming service could be on its way from, well, of course, Apple.

Speculation has surrounded a possible iTunes streaming service since Apple’s acquisition of the failing music streaming site LaLa last year.


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However, such speculation has recently been fuelled by multiple claims that Apple has been in talks with major record labels over the offering of a free music streaming service tied to the iTunes brand and accessible through a new website.

Instead of a standard, subscription-based music streaming service though, it is widely suggested that Apple’s service would allow users to back-up and stream their music libraries through its servers.

Utilising the knowledge and technology acquired from the LaLa buyout in such a manner as to bring iTunes to the cloud would benefit the service’s users, allowing them to access and stream their personal iTunes libraries from any internet connected computer in the world.

Could this be the “latest creation” that Apple is talking about ahead of next week’s press conference? Unlikely, but not impossible. A spring launch for such a service is being rumoured, in the mean time, we might just have to settle for a measly little Apple tablet.


Link: Apple (via Cnet)



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