Apple iSlate or Apple iPad? Place your bets now

Apple has worked the tech world into a frenzy before it’s big launch on the 27th of January in San Fransisco. Will we see touchscreen Macs? Could they throw a curve ball and unveil the Apple iPhone 4G? One things for sure we’ll see a tablet of some description.  But what will it be called?

Bookmakers Paddy Power are taking bets on what is turning into the Grand National of the tech world.. Odds on it’ll be called the iSlate, with the iPad coming in at 7/4 and the iTablet 6/1.

If you see yourself as a bit of a chancer place a bet on The Apple Core at 50/1 or the real outsider Etch-a-Sketch at 500/1. Here’s a run down of  the rest.

4/5 iSlate
7/4 iPad
6/1 iTablet
8/1 iPage
9/1 iPaper
12/1 iRead
16/1 iProd
20/1 iCan
20/1 iBoard
25/1 iCon
33/1 Magic Slate
50/1 The Apple Core
100/1 The Googlebuster
100/1 The Microsoftener
100/1 The Apple Peeler
200/1 iCan’t believe it’s not a paper
500/1 Etch-a-Sketch

We’ve had a word with John McCririck and iCan’t believe it’s not a paper is a dead cert. Place you bets now.


Link: Paddy Power



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