Annual Apple Shareholder Meeting Set to Take Place Tomorrow

The annual Apple shareholder meeting is all ready to take place tomorrow and its pretty well expected by everyone in the industry that Jobs will be in attendance. It would be quite uncharacteristic for Steve Jobs to not be in attendance as the only shareholders meeting he has missed since his return in 1997 was last year due to his liver transplant. However, with Jobs now in good health and Reuters reporting he’s expected to take questions directly from shareholders, there’s a good chance he’ll be there.

Also expected to make an appearance at the event is new Co-Lead Director Andrea Jung who replaced CEO Bill Campbell, onetime mentor to Jobs, in December. While these shareholder meetings tend to be quite lack luster in terms of any news for product lines, there will more than likely be some exciting excitements on the business end of things as well as some new predictions about the upcoming release of the iPad. Stay tuned to as we will be bringing to updates on the event, if anything exciting happens that is.

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