Adobe: Flash definitely hitting Windows Phone 7 Series

At its unveiling during Mobile World Congress, Microsoft said Flash would not be available on Windows Phone 7 Series when it launches at the back end of 2010.


But Adobe’s own Mike Chambers, Senior Product Manager for Developer Relations, has come out and been quick to confirm that the video software so reviled by Steve Jobs will make an appearance on Windows Phone 7 Series eventually.


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Chambers says both players, “are working closely together,” in order to make the dream a reality. Chances are this will be seen as an opportunity for Adobe and Microsoft to laud it over Apple and its ever hardening stance about not including Flash on either the iPad or iPhone.


There’s no date on when Flash will hit Windows Phone 7 Series, but seeing as the first phones using the UI won’t land for a while yet, there’s still a slim chance that it’ll be present and correct on launch day.


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