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CloudMe is a free web-based file storage service that you can access directly from your mobile or your browser. CloudMe is focused on giving you anywhere access to your online files. Upload your files using CloudMe easy upload app which provides automatic easy backup.  Access your files in browser using Web Desktop which provides 3GB of free online storage. You can organize and share your photo and music albums with this. You can access your files on the go using your mobile phones.


Web Desktop

The CloudMe Web Desktop

Our Web Desktop allows you to access your online files and your CloudMe Apps in a familiar environment anywhere you are. The CloudMe Web Desktop is the fastest and most intuitive Cloud OS (Cloud Operating System).

Online File Explorer

  • 3 GB of Free online storage
  • An online file system – Easily store and organize all file types
  • A familiar user interface that makes you feel at home immediately
  • Photos & Music

    • View & organize your photos into albums
    • Quickly & easily share your photos with friends and family
    • Listen to your own music albums
    • Edit photos in your browser

    Internet Messenger

    • Chat with other CloudMe users
    • Chat with your MSN, ICQ, Google Talk, Yahoo and AIM friends using CloudMe
    • Share files from your CloudMe desktop

    Calendar, Mail & Contacts

    • Share your calendars with friends and family
    • Create separate calendars for school, work, hobby
    • Free CloudMe email account
    • Easily save incoming attachments to your CloudMe desktop
    • Easily add and edit your contacts


    for iPhone

    With the CloudMe app for iPhone you get:

    • Access and view your CloudMe photos, documents and video on the go
    • Stream and listen to your music direct on your iPhone/iPod
    • Easily upload your photos and video immediately to CloudMe
    • Share with friends and family

    Download CloudMe for iPhone

    for Android

    With the CloudMe app for Android you get:

    • Access and view your CloudMe photos, documents and video on the go
    • Easily upload your photos and video immediately to CloudMe

    Download CloudMe for Android

    CloudMe Lite

    Imagine having 100 GB in your pocket! CloudMe Lite is a slim, fast version of the CloudMe Web Desktop that is accessible from any web browser. For mobile access to all your files in CloudMe, just pick up your phone or tablet, open its web browser, and enter


    Use WebDAV to access your CloudMe drive from a device such as a mobile phone or a computer without using your Internet Browser. It allows you to upload, download and handle files just as if you were using a USB memory stick or an external hard drive.

    Easy Upload

    Easy Upload is a downloadable app for your PC or Mac which allows you to upload your files to CloudMe, with daily automatic uploads. Once your files are in CloudMe, you can organize, share, and publish them, for example to Facebook. It’s never been easier to upload and access all your files from any device.

    Download Easy Upload App for Windows

    Download Easy Upload App for Mac OS

    Download Easy Upload App for Linux


      Free Extra Drive Super Drive
    Price Free $49.99 / year* $99.99 / year*
    Storage space 3 GB 25 GB 100 GB
    Backup 3 GB 25 GB 100 GB
    WebDAV Yes Yes Yes
    Upload Limit 150MB / File 150MB / File No limit
    Advertisements Yes No No

    Plus applicable sales tax for residents within the European Union.

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