50 tablets in 2010 says ARM

With the iPad only three weeks away from gracing our sweaty, gadget hungry palms, one of ARM’s execs has come out to say he thinks there’ll be a massive 50 new tablets this year rocking his company’s chipsets.


The company is already said to be involved with the Apple iPad and is already talking up plans for new Windows CE and Android-toting devices.


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Its mobile devices manager, Roy Chen, says the first of these 50 touchscreen delights will arrive in spring, mostly tied into mobile contracts like the 3G version of the iPad.


Such a number could spell trouble for Intel and its Atom chip, which is currently sitting pretty in hundreds of netbooks. Any proliferation in the world of tablets could see sales of netbooks plummet.


ARM expects a lot of these new tablets to land in Asia first, giving the iPad a chance to get a stranglehold across the rest of the world.


Link: Electronista

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