30 Days Disabled (Act 2: The Resolution)

“30 Days Disabled” (Act 2 of 2) Jacquie Detterbeck -Director Xinh Pham -Assistant Director Jim Goodrow -Cinematographer Dan Nguyen -Cinematographer Shawna Mongiat -Tech Guru/Narrator Year: 2004 This student-made documentary film examines what it would be like to live in a wheelchair for 30 Days. The filmmakers state: Our inspiration for this project comes from Morgan Spurlock, the mastermind behind “SuperSize Me.” Spurlock now has his own sitcom called “30 Days” on FX where people live the life or lifestyle of another to gain an understanding of what it is like to “live 30 days in someone else’s shoes.” The two students who shared the challenge to live in a wheelchair for 30 days at MSU were: Jacquie Detterbeck and James Goodrow. The student team states: “*Our Project: Film a documentary about living a life completely different from your own in some way, and in a way that proves an intellectual challenge, for 30 days. *Our Thesis: Since the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, those with disabilities still face many challenges, many of which are unnecessary. *Our Film: Two of our group members (Jacquie and Jim) will be “living the life of a person confined to a wheelchair” for two weeks each, making a combined total of 30 days. It is our hope that this film will illustrate to the public those challenges faced by the disabled–an issue that is often ignored.” This film was created as part of a senior thesis research project in a course at Michigan State

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